10 players who have appeared in the most games with the Bengals

Cincinnati Bengals v New York Jets
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6. Tim Krumrie – 188 Games

The first defensive player to make this list is Tim Krumrie, who played 188 games over 12 seasons. Krumrie was selected to two Pro Bowls and helped the Bengals reach the Super Bowl in the 1988 season.

Krumrie played his entire career in the Queen City and he accumulated 13 fumble recoveries and 34.5 sacks. Currently, Krumrie sits in the top 10 of the Bengals in career sacks. He is seventh overall right behind Michael Johnson.

People may not shout Tim Krumrie’s name when they’re at a bar and asked to name great Bengals but he was a solid and consistent player. Never flashy, but always reliable. In today’s league, solidly consistent players are as well revered.

5. Ken Anderson – 192 Games

Now comes an obvious entry to this list. Widely considered one of the greatest quarterbacks in Bengals history, also synonymous with the Orange helmet with Bengals written on the side in all caps, it's Ken Anderson.

Anderson earned every individual honor a player can earn. He even earned the NFL MVP award in 1981 during the Bengals' first Super Bowl campaign. Anderson also resides at the top of the all-time passing leader in franchise history.

He was a special quarterback and absolutely belongs in the Hall of Fame. I'm not sure if he will ever get there, because he never won a Super Bowl but given everything he accomplished outside of that small stat, he should be considered for a bronze bust.