10 players who have appeared in the most games with the Bengals

Cincinnati Bengals v New York Jets
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4. Clark Harris – 202 Games

Four players in the entire franchise have played over 200 games in the black and orange stripes. Clark Harris played a total of 206 games in his career only four with the Houston Texans back in 2008 after their long-snapper was suspended.

Harris had been the long-snapper for the Bengals for several seasons and then one day he went viral. He became world-famous for his look and quirky personality. Instantly he became a fan favorite. What other long-snapper can say that?

Harris also has the unique distinction of being a world record holder. At the 2018 Pro Bowl, a Guinness Record official stood by and watched Clark snap a football 36 yards and eight inches setting a long-snap world record.

Clark Harris may never be immortalized as a bust in Canton, but he will always be a world record holder and hold the distinction of playing over 200 games as a member of the Cincinnati Bengals.