10 players who have appeared in the most games with the Bengals

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1. Kevin Huber – 216 Games

The Bengals player who has appeared in the most games of all-time for the team is Kevin Huber, who set the record for most games played as a Bengal in 2022 against the Steelers. Huber then racked up eight more games to get to 216. He was released late in the 2022 season, ending the end of a punting era in Cincinnati.

Huber only made one Pro Bowl in his 14 seasons. However, he was something that is priceless in a punter and placekicker, consistent. When you’re as consistent as Huber was longevity comes easy. As stated before with Jim Breech. It makes sense that a punter or kicker would hold this top spot.

It’s the one position that takes the least physical punishment, so as long as they stay consistent, they can play for 15-plus years. Kevin Huber holds franchise punting records in punts and punting yards. Those are two records that probably won’t be broken unless they find another special punter.

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Huber’s record of games played for Cincinnati probably won’t be broken ever. Given how free agency works now players do not stay on teams for nearly entire careers anymore. Unless they’re transcendentally great and the team will pay them. Maybe Money Mac can do it if he keeps his kicking up.