2024 NFL Draft: 2 picks the Cincinnati Bengals got right, 1 they might regret

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Got right: Amarius Mims, Offensive tackle (No. 18 overall)

Mims was a solid pick for Cincinnati, if not a super exciting one. The pick came at a major position of need for the Bengals, so that's a major positive. His lack of experience is the biggest knock against him entering the NFL, as he started in just a total of eight games during his collegiate career. However, had he played more, it's very possible that he wouldn't even have been there for the Bengals to select.

ESPN draft analyst Mel Kiper was high on the selection of Mims, who he viewed as a potential starter as a rookie for Cincinnati.

"Amarius Mims (18) might have been a top-five pick if he had a little more experience; he made just eight career starts at Georgia," Kiper wrote. "He has outstanding physical abilities and some of the longest arms I've ever seen. He'll likely slot in as a rookie starter at right tackle."

Even if Mims doesn't start right away, he appears to be a legitimate talent at a major position of need for the Bengals, so the selection was a sound one.