2024 NFL Draft: Cincinnati Bengals rookie jersey numbers revealed

Now we know what numbers Cincinnati's rookies will be wearing.
Apr 25, 2024; Detroit, MI, USA;  Georgia Bulldogs tackle Amarius Mims is selected as the No. 18 pick
Apr 25, 2024; Detroit, MI, USA; Georgia Bulldogs tackle Amarius Mims is selected as the No. 18 pick / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Cincinnati Bengals made 10 picks in the 2024 NFL Draft, which means that the team will have to dish out 10 new numbers. Now, after a few days of anticipation, we know what numbers the new guys will be wearing thanks to NFL Jersey Numbers.

What numbers will the rookies be wearing?

Below you can find the full list of what jersey numbers Cincinnati's 2024 rookies will be wearing:

  • Amarius Mims: No. 71
  • Josh Newton: No. 28
  • Tanner McLachlan: No. 84
  • Matt Lee: No 62
  • Cedric Johnson: No. 52
  • Kris Jenkins: No. 90
  • McKinnley Jackson: No. 68
  • Daijahn Anthony: No. 33
  • Erik All: No. 83
  • Jermaine Burton: No. 81

Obviously, there will be a lot of new faces -- and numbers -- in Cincinnati next season.

What they're saying about Cincinnati's draft class

ESPN NFL Draft expert Mel Kiper Jr. graded every team's class after the '24 draft, and he gave the Bengals a 'B'. For what it's worth, only two teams -- the Arizona Cardinals and Philadelphia Eagles -- received an 'A'.

In his review, Kiper praised Cincinnati for addressing areas of need, but he dinged them for potentially reaching on a couple of picks. Overall though, it was a solid assessment.

From Kiper:

"The Bengals hit needs with all four of their top picks. Amarius Mims (18) might have been a top-five pick if he had a little more experience; he made just eight career starts at Georgia. He has outstanding physical abilities and some of the longest arms I've ever seen. He'll likely slot in as a rookie starter at right tackle.

". . . With 10 selections here, the Bengals were able to target their roster holes, but they overdrafted a couple of guys, which limits the ceiling on this grade."

Like every year, it will be very interesting to see how Cincinnati's rookie class pans out. At least we know what numbers they'll be wearing now.