3 advantages the Bengals have over the Bills in AFC Divisional Round

Buffalo Bills v Cincinnati Bengals
Buffalo Bills v Cincinnati Bengals / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages
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1. Bengals tend to thrive as underdogs

Since last season when the Bengals have been counted out, it seems like they are always finding ways to win close games and games they are not expected to win. The Bengals were the underdogs of every single playoff game last season outside of the Wild Card round against the Raiders and aside from the Super Bowl, look how that turned out for them.

It seems like the common trend again as they have opened as pretty significant underdogs against the Buffalo Bills on the road. Many anticipated the line to be a lot closer than what it currently is.

Cincinnati does its best work when nobody believes in them and they've shown that on multiple occasions they have created believers in many. The narrative has shifted a lot but this game is set up for the Buffalo Bills. This season has been set up for the Bills to win it all and it's up to the Bengals to ruin that narrative.

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The NFL would love to see a scenario where the Bills and the Chiefs play at a neutral site in the AFC Championship and the only teams standing in the way of that are the heavy underdogs in the Jacksonville Jaguars and the defending AFC Champion Cincinnati Bengals.