3 Bengals draft prospects who would be impossible to pass up in round 1

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2. Brian Branch, S (Alabama)

Brian Branch falling to 28 would be shocking in its own right but it isn't out of the realm of possibility depending on how the defensive backs fall off of the board in the top 20. If they fall like dominoes, then Branch being there late first round won't happen.

However, if more quarterbacks and tight ends go higher than expected, we could see other positions drop. Safety is one of them. Cincinnati is not in dire need of a safety. They have Daxton Hill and Nick Scott, but it is a brand-new tandem with limited experience.

The idea of a future pairing of Hill and Branch would definitely raise some eyebrows if he happened to fall onto the Bengals draft board. Branch is an elite talent and an elite playmaker coming out of Alabama where they produce All-Pro level cornerbacks and safeties consistently.

It's hard to see a scenario where they'd pass on him if he were there but once again the odds of him falling that low remain very slim.