3 Bengals free agents we'll sadly miss in 2023

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Clark Harris

Casual fans might not recognize this name, but those of us who pay a little more attention is well familiar with Clark Harris. He's been the long snapper for Cincinnati since all the way back in 2009 up until Week 1 of this season when he tore his bicep.

Since then, the undrafted rookie out of Pittsburgh Cal Adomitis has taken over long snapping duties and, chances are, he's here to stay for the foreseeable future.

Since Adomitis has done a fine job in this role, I don't think fans will miss Harris in the sense that they'll miss his production like the two (or three, technically) players mentioned above. More so, they'll miss him since he is one of the oldest Bengals on the roster, having been in Cincy for 14 seasons.

Unfortunately, Harris is up there (at least by football standards) in age and is coming off a major injury, so chances are they let him walk and keep Cal Adomitis as their full-time long snapper, whose been a reliable option.

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Who are some pending free agents you think will be leaving and the fans will miss?