3 Bengals players who could be traded before the season starts

Doubtful but you never know!
Cincinnati Bengals v New York Jets
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The Cincinnati Bengals aren't a team that makes aggressive trades very often. That's why it'd be pretty surprising if they opted to trade away any starter before the 2023 season got underway.

What if they were to trade a player or players off though? Who might be shipped to another team in exchange for either another player or a draft pick or two? Let's look at three (unlikely but still worth mentioning) options.

Jonah Williams

Let's be real here -- If the Bengals were going to trade Williams, they probably would have done so already. That being said, the former first-rounder did request a trade shortly after the team had signed Orlando Brown Jr. to replace him at left tackle. Obviously, that had to have hurt.

Williams is expected to win the starting job at right tackle but with the depth the Bengals have (La'el Collins is still on the roster), if another team suffered a major injury on their offensive line, Williams could be in high-demand.

It's doubtful that Cincinnati would trade Williams at this point since he's being counted on to start at right tackle but if another team is desperate enough and willing to part with some decent draft picks, this can't be ruled out.