3 Bengals we need to see more from in Week 6 matchup vs. Seahawks

  • Time for Mike Hilton to make a big play!
  • Who is the RB2?
  • Where is Tyler Boyd?
Cincinnati Bengals v Arizona Cardinals
Cincinnati Bengals v Arizona Cardinals / Norm Hall/GettyImages
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1. Tyler Boyd

It was great to see a career game from Trenton Irwin on Sunday. He acted as a reliable outlet for Burrow when his first look (usually Ja’Marr Chase) wasn’t open. He got open on simple routes like outs, slants, and curls, and Burrow targeted him early and often.

However, this development begs the question “Where is Tyler Boyd?” It feels like he should have that safety valve role in the slot, with or without Tee Higgins in the lineup.

Burrow should be looking for Boyd before he looks for Irwin. Boyd had a fine game, but fans have come to expect more from him than “fine”. He is on pace for 564 yards this year, well below his normal production.

We consider him to be one-third of the best WR trio in the league, and the Bengals could use that version of Boyd as they look to build on their offensive momentum. I will be watching Boyd closely in Week 6.