3 Bengals starters from 2022 who are still free agents

  • Will Eli Apple find a new home soon?
  • Mitchell Wilcox continues to unfortunately be too injury-prone
  • Clark Harris is still a viable long snapper
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Clark Harris, Long Snapper

There are not too many positions that go as unheralded as long snapper. However, 2022 brought into sharp focus how important the role is. An early-season loss to the Steelers can be attributed solely to losing Harris to a bicep injury.

After that, the Bengals went with undrafted free agent Cal Adomitis who stepped in with Harris lost for the year. The transition from 37-year-old veteran to rookie went so smoothly that the Bengals released long-time servant Harris.

At that age, it's difficult to see Harris making a return to the league. His 1332 snaps were often under-appreciated but an important part of the Bengals special teams play. If the Bengals were unlucky to suffer a freak injury to Adomitis, there would be no doubt Harris would step up and return for a Super Bowl contender.