3 Bengals who are tumbling down the depth chart after preseason opener vs Packers

  • Jackson Carman continues to flounder
  • Sidney Jones is in jeopardy of not makinng the roster
  • Charlie Jones had a disappointing debut
Green Bay Packers v Cincinnati Bengals
Green Bay Packers v Cincinnati Bengals / Andy Lyons/GettyImages
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Charlie Jones

Rookie wideout Charlie Jones is a virtual lock for the 53-man roster. That is unless he can’t play with what is described as a torn labrum. 

If he is going to play through it, as Conway writes, Jones will be limited. He will not be as explosive as he needs to be when returning kickoffs and punts. 

Jones is listed as the second-string kick returner. Chris Evans is listed as the starting kick returner and should remain there until Trayveon Williams is healthy. When Williams returns, Jones could fall down the depth chart there. 

Trent Taylor is a secret weapon for this Bengals team and is one of the best punt returners in the NFL. Expecting Jones to come in and replace Taylor as the starting punt returner was and remains foolhardy. Jones was never the returner in college that Taylor has proven to be in the NFL. Special teams coach Darrin Simmons will not let Taylor go without a fight. 

Against the Packers, Taylor returned one punt for 14 yards. Jones had two returns for a total of seven yards. 

With the breaking news that he has a torn labrum, counting on Jones to remain the second-string kickoff and punt returner would be ill-advised. 

If other guys like Kwamie Lassiter II or Shedrick Jackson get the opportunity to return punts in the next preseason game and provide a spark in the area, Jones could end up on the PUP or IR list while he tries to get as healthy as he can. 

It is an unfortunate situation for the rookie who can’t put his best foot forward this preseason. Hopefully, he can get to a place where the injury does not affect his play.


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Until then, the first and second-string return responsibilities should go to someone else once the regular season begins. Regrettably, this would mean that Jones may be falling down the depth chart due to injury.