3 Bengals veterans whose jobs aren't safe after 2024 NFL Draft

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The Cincinnati Bengals added a lot of talent in the 2024 NFL Draft. The team made 10 selections, including offensive tackle Amarius Mims, who the team selected with the No. 18 overall pick. All of those first-year guys will be hungry for on-field opportunity next season. Not all of them are likely to get it, of course, but some assuredly will.

But, playing time for rookies could potentially mean less tick for some veteran players. While that's not easy for some players to accept, it's just the reality of life in the NFL. With that said, here's a look at three Bengals veterans whose jobs aren't safe following the '24 draft.

Trenton Irwin, Wide receiver

Trenton Irwin is entering his sixth season with the Bengals, and he's been a spot starter for the team in recent years. He started two games for Cincinnati in 2022 and five games for the team last season. That number could dip down drastically in 2024 after the addition of Jermaine Burton.

Assuming that the Bengals don't trade Tee Higgins before the season, which seems like the likely outcome at this point, the team will have the top two receiver spots set with Higgins and Ja'marr Chase. But, there could be some real competition for the No. 3 spot, and Burton is an intriguing option thanks to his speed and athleticism. If he has a great camp, there's a real chance that he could enter the season as a starting receiver for Cincinnati, and squeeze Irwin out in the process.