3 Bengals veterans whose jobs aren't safe after 2024 NFL Draft

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Dax Hill, Corberback

This one shouldn't come as a surprise since the Bengals already switched Hill's position this offseason from safety to cornerback after stocking up on safeties in free agency and in the draft. Hill has some experience at CB from his college days, but still, it remains to be seen how well he'll adapt to the change after playing solely safety for his first two years as a professional.

“We've seen it from him and we think it's the best opportunity right now to help our team,” Bengals coach Zac Taylor said of making the move.

Given his lack of a defined role, it might not be too hard for Hill to be supplanted in Cincinnati's depth chart. The Bengals drafted cornerback Josh Newton in the fifth round of this year's draft, and the team is optimstic about his potential. Could he ultimately edge out Hill on the depth chart? It's probably doubtful, but crazier things have happened.