3 Bengals veterans whose jobs aren't safe after 2024 NFL Draft

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Trent Brown, Offensive line

The Bengals just signed Trent Brown this offseason, and he's yet to play a single snap for the team, but he could already be in danger of potentially losing his starting spot following the selection of Mims. In fact, Bleacher Report recently listed Brown as a starter whose job could be in jeopardy, and understandably so. The writing may have already been on the wall once that pick was made.

Mims is the future of the O-line, and Brown was never intended to be a long-term answer on the line for the Bengals, as evidenced by the fact that they signed him to just a one-year deal. Perhaps Brown will begin the season as the starter, but once the coaching staff feels like Mims is ready, the gig will likely be his.

Maybe Brown could even end up serving as a mentor of sorts to Mims. After all, Brown has had a long, productive NFL career that has included a Pro Bowl selection and a Super Bowl victory. Given his experience, he's a valuable veteran to have on the roster, even if he does ultimately lose his starting spot.