3 Bengals who need more playing time after the bye week

  • Get Battle and Turner into the secondary more!
  • More Yoshi, please!
Seattle Seahawks v Cincinnati Bengals
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1. D.J. Turner 

D.J. Turner has been one of football's most impactful and productive rookie cornerbacks this season. He only sees roughly 58% of the Bengals' defensive snap shares, but he is producing at elite levels. In 144 coverage snaps this season, Turner has not given up a touchdown and has only allowed 43 yards in prime coverage situations.

Turner has yet to get a takeaway, but he has also shown off his sound football skill with the way he attacks the football in the open field and can make tackles at the first point of contact. During the NFL Combine, Turner ran a 4.26 40-yard dash, the fourth fastest time recorded since 2003. He has shown why that isn't just track speed. Turner has football speed with elite footwork and can run downhill while making precise cuts and angle tackles in the open field.

Turner was a second-round selection out of Michigan and the Bengals' track record of second-round picks over the last five years has been impressive. Turner is showing why that trend will continue.

The Cincinnati Bengals need to make sure these guys get onto the field more now that the bye week is in the books.


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