3 Bengals who will not be missed in the 2024 season

Thanks for the memories, I guess.

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The Cincinnati Bengals' 2023 season didn't go according to plan. What started as a season where fans felt confident the Bengals could hoist the Lombardi Trophy for the first time in franchise history ended with the team not even making the playoffs and going 1-5 in their division.

While the struggles from the 2023 season can't be pinned squarely on these players, it's safe to say that fans will not miss them if they're not on the roster in 2024. Two of these players are set to hit free agency while another could be a cap casualty.

Cody Ford

The offensive line has been a major issue for the Bengals for quite some time now. While the team has addressed it in free agency over the past few offseasons, signing Cody Ford, who has largely struggled since entering the league in 2019, wasn't exactly what fans had in mind.

Right from the start, the Bengals made it clear that Ford would have a chance to win a starting job on the o-line. That obviously didn't happen and he spent most of the year on the bench. According to PFF, Ford played 78 offensive snaps with most of them coming as an extra lineman.

Ford certainly wasn't to blame for the Bengals' disappointing 2023 season but fans wouldn't be heartbroken if he wasn't re-signed in 2024.