3 Bengals who will not be missed in the 2024 season

Thanks for the memories, I guess.

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Nick Scott

Sometimes free agent signings pan out and sometimes they don't. That's the nature of sports. The Bengals were reminded of this with the crash and burn of Nick Scott joining their secondary in 2023.

Now, in their defense, the Bengals were put in a tough situation when both of their starting safeties departed in free agency. That forced them to find another starting-caliber option in free agency and they decided that was Nick Scott.

Scott had played decently during his time with the Rams but he was not the answer in Cincinnati. He was targeted 28 times and surrendered 20 receptions and it felt like he gave up at least a couple of chunk plays a game.

Eventually, Scott was replaced by third-round rookie Jordan Battle, who played much better and will be the starting option moving forward. The Bengals don't save a ton of money by cutting Scott but if they do, fans won't be sad about his departure. If he is on the team, it's doubtful we see much of him.