3 Bengals with the murkiest futures this off-season

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Wide receiver Tyler Boyd 

Tyler Boyd has spent his entire career thus far with the Cincinnati Bengals. He went from being a second-round pick out of the University of Pittsburgh in 2016 to one of the best and most consistent slot receivers in the game.

Boyd is one of a few players who has been through some dark days of Bengals football before the Joe Burrow era, and now he hits the open market, where he may have just finished his tenure with Cincinnati. Boyd has played eight seasons with the Bengals and has managed 513 receptions, 6,000 yards, and 31 touchdowns. It's hard to say what the market will look like for Boyd. But there will be many teams out there who would love to have a reliable and team-focused player like him.

He won't be paid as a top wide receiver, but a team may be able to throw enough money at him that the Bengals cannot and potentially will not match them. Boyd has expressed his interest in returning, and don't put it past the Bengals to do their due diligence and negotiate something to bring him back. But his future in orange and black is uncertain and will be one of the more interesting things to shake out as the off-season unfolds.