3 biggest reasons why Bengals are 1-3 to start 2023 season

  • Personnel change
  • Immobilty
  • Underperformers
Cincinnati Bengals v Tennessee Titans
Cincinnati Bengals v Tennessee Titans / Andy Lyons/GettyImages
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The Cincinnati Bengals are nearing panic mode after their underwhelming performance against the Tennessee Titans. Cincinnati didn't just lose, they got outplayed in every single facet of the game, losing 27-3. The Bengals' offense has looked like a shell of its normal self, and it's causing some concerns. 

Falling to 1-3, Cincinnati really needs to look in the mirror and correct the mistakes, or they will soon be the disappointment of the 2023 NFL season. Here are three key reasons the Bengals are 1-3 through the season's first four games. 

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3. Lack of personnel change

If you watch the Cincinnati Bengals on a consistent, week-to-week basis, you have grasped that they are extremely predictable. Even with all of the talented offensive weapons they have at their disposal, Cincinnati ran Joe Mixon 14 times against the Titans. The only other running back to even see a carry was Trayveon Williams, and he had one.

Where is rookie Chase Brown? Why is Williams not seeing more volume? There is zero diversity within the offense, and it has shown that the defense seems to be a step ahead on every single play. Andrei Iosivas had a terrific preseason and training camp and has hardly seen any meaningful playing time with the offense.

There is nothing exciting, new, interesting, or unpredictable about this offense, and when you have debatably the most all-around talent out of any offensive unit in the league, that is completely unacceptable, and it falls on the shoulders of Zac Taylor, Brian Callahan, and Joe Burrow.

They are the commanders of this offense, and the fact that the Bengals are sitting dead last in offensive production cannot be a recurring trend for much longer, or this team will be one of the biggest disappointments in the franchise's history. It's rare that a team has so much natural talent and plays this poorly.