3 biggest reasons why Bengals are 1-3 to start 2023 season

  • Personnel change
  • Immobilty
  • Underperformers
Cincinnati Bengals v Tennessee Titans
Cincinnati Bengals v Tennessee Titans / Andy Lyons/GettyImages
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2. Joe Burrow's immobility in the pocket 

Joe Burrow has clearly not been himself. One thing Burrow prides himself on is being able to create plays with his legs and extend plays with his mobility in the pocket. 

We haven't seen that at all this season, and it's hurting the Bengals offense. The clear assumption is that it is his calf that is affecting his lateral quickness and agility, but Cincinnati really needs to make a decision on whether it is worth it to have Burrow out there at 75–80%. 

Right now, it seems like it is hurting the Bengals more than helping them. His throws aren't crisp, and he doesn't look like himself on the field, and it's showing. You can only bring up the calf so much. If the medical team, coaching staff, and Burrow are going to continue to push the injury aside and have him out there, then the production needs to be there. 

Bengals fans can't just keep sitting back and scapegoating the calf as the reason for everything. If Burrow is healthy enough to play and continue to stress that, then the production needs to be there, or the critics will continue to pounce, and rightfully so.