3 bold predictions for Bengals 2023 season

These would be pretty crazy!
Cincinnati Bengals Offseason Workout
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Bengals defense finishes top 5 in sacks

The Bengals pass rush has been up and down like a rollercoaster over the past three years.

In 2020, the team finished dead last in sacks with just 17 all year, according to Pro Football Reference. In 2021, they rebounded fantasically and were just outside the top-10 in sacks with 42 to their name. Then, in 2022, they regressed and finished with the fourth-fewest sacks in the league with 30.

That means this year should be a good one for the Bengals pass rush, right? Trey Hendrickson was the only player who consistently got pressure on opposing quarterbacks last year so the hope is that adding Myles Murphy to the defense should help those sack totals increase.

Not only will the Bengals pass rush eat this year, but they'll be one of the best units in the league. It's going to be hard to garner more sacks than teams like the Eagles and Cowboys, but the Bengals are going to finish in the top five in sacks in 2023.