3 contract decisions that will pay off for Bengals

- New QB2

- Not overpaying for 2 guys who departed

- Home-run signing on OL

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1. Signing Orlando Brown Jr. to 4-year deal

Considering that before free agency kicked off Orlando Brown Jr. was projected to earn upwards of $100 million, the Bengals got quite the bargain with the deal they actually signed him to. Brown signed a four-year deal worth $64 million and it's still a bit of a headscratcher as to how they were able to get him on such an affordable deal.

Not only was signing Brown a solid move because it shores up the left tackle for the Bengals but if for whatever reason he doesn't live up to the hype, Cincinnati can get out of the contract after two years. The hope is that he is indeed in town for all four years but nothing is guaranteed in the NFL.

For now, however, signing Brown to this contract looks to be a brilliant move for the Stripes. Brown allowed just four sacks all season, per PFF, and while he is prone to giving up pressures, the Bengals' offense should suit him better.


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The Bengals needed to improve their offensive line and while they did so last year, one could argue that they didn't sign the "home run guy". They did that this time around.