3 free agents Bengals could still target after 2024 NFL Draft

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The Cincinnati Bengals did a solid job of bolstering the roster with a well-balanced approach to the 2024 NFL Draft. The Bengals made ten total picks in the draft -- five of them were spent on offensive players and five on defensive players.

As a result of all of these selections -- and the team's early additions in free agency -- Cincinnati appears deeper at a plethora of positions than it was at the end of last season. But, why not get greedy? There are still some solid free agents out there who could help to further strengthen Cincinnati's roster. Here's a look at three that the team could target.

Calais Campbell, Defensive end

At 37 years old. six-time Pro Bowler Calais Campbell is probably past his prime as a player, and it's fair to wonder just how much gas he has left in the tank. But, he did start all 17 games for the Atlanta Falcons last season, and he was still productive. So when it comes to his gas tank, there's probably still enough in there to start the mower a few times, at least.

Campbell has played on both ends of the line, so he could slot in wherever the Bengals felt like they needed him more. Sure, they have some young players on the line they'd like to develop, but having another proven, experienced veteran couldn't hurt.