3 free agents with ties to Bengals

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The first several waves of free agency have come and gone. There are still players waiting to see where and if they will sign.

Among these players are three free agents with ties to the Cincinnati Bengals that you may not have thought about in some time. Here are three free agents who played for the Bengals in the past.

Carlos Dunlap

Former Bengals defensive end Carlos Dunlap is still a free agent after winning the Super Bowl with Kansas City earlier this year.

Dunlap was drafted in the second round of the 2010 NFL Draft. He spent 10.5 years in Cincinnati before being traded to the Seahawks during the 2020 season. While with the Bengals, the standout defensive end recorded 82.5 sacks, 103 tackles for loss, and two interceptions. 

Dunlap would play 1.5 years with Seattle before signing a one-year deal with Kansas City. It was perfect timing for the ex-Bengal because he got a ring while defeating the team he spent more than 10 years playing for in the AFC Championship Game. 

Not only does Dunlap have ties to the Bengals, but he is also now an integral part of the riverfront with his new restaurant, Honey Uninhibited

Dunlap plans on continuing his playing career and is confident he can help a team. His confidence in his abilities is warranted. As a situational pass rusher in the past two seasons, he had 12.5 sacks and 14 tackles for loss. 

Writing on a possible reunion with the Bengals, Jeff Fedotin of Forbes writes:

"As far as his original team, Dunlap doesn’t foresee playing for the Bengals next season, considering the Bengals’ depth on the defensive line, but it hasn’t been ruled out, and he plans to one day ceremoniously retire as a Bengal."

Jeff Fedotin, Forbes

In a league starved to find pass rushers, Dunlap will likely find his way onto a team’s roster by the start of the regular season. But while we wait impatiently for the season to start, you can check out his restaurant in Covington, Kentucky.