3 free agents with ties to Bengals

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Rex Burkhead

Another ex-Bengal still out there hoping for a shot with a team is running back Rex Burkhead. The versatile running back was a sixth-round pick in 2013. He was an excellent do-it-all type of player for the Bengals.

Burkhead even started at wide receiver for a playoff game in 2015 versus the Colts. It may sound ridiculous, but at the time, it was not. And it was not the last time he worked at wideout for a team. Burkhead worked as a receiver with the Patriots and the Texans. 

After leaving Cincinnati in 2017, Burkhead found a home with the New England Patriots, where he would experience the most team success of his career. Burkhead and the Patriots won the Super Bowl in the 2018 season. Zac Taylor was notably the wide receiver coach for the Rams and would become the Bengals' head coach one year later. 

Burkhead played with the Texans for the past two seasons. He had career highs with 122 rushing attempts and 427 rushing yards in 2021. Last year he finished the season with 80 yards on 26 carries, 37 receptions, and 204 receiving yards. His 37 catches were a career-high. 

Burkhead still has something left to offer a team that needs a versatile running back. Hopefully, he will get a shot with a squad during training camp.