3 key takeaways from Cincinnati Bengals 2024 Draft

10 picks, no trades for the Bengals this year.
Feb 9, 2022; Los Angeles, CA, USA; A Cincinnati Bengals logo is seen at the Grove. Mandatory Credit:
Feb 9, 2022; Los Angeles, CA, USA; A Cincinnati Bengals logo is seen at the Grove. Mandatory Credit: / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Cincinnati Bengals made ten total selections in the 2024 NFL Draft -- one in the first round, one in the second round, two in the third round, one in the fourth round and two in both the sixth and seventh rounds.

For those keeping count, they took three defensive linemen, two offensive linemen, two tight ends, two secondary players and one wide receiver. They also didn't make any trades, despite some speculation that they could. So, what do we make of this draft for the Bengals? Here's a look at three key takeaways.

Key takeaways from Bengals 2024 draft

1. Bolstering both sides of the line was a priority

The Bengals had 10 picks in the draft, and exactly half of them were spent on linemen, including the 18th overall pick. Cincinnati selected three defensive linemen and two offensive linemen to bolster two position groups that definitely needed attention. Time will tell if the specific players pan out -- likely some will, some won't -- but the front office's commitment to getting better in the trenches was the right approach.

2. Cincinnati prioritized offense and defense evenly

Whether they intended to or not, the Bengals prioritized offensive and defensive play exactly evenly in the '24 draft. With their 10 picks, Cincinnati selected five offensive players -- two offensive linemen, two tight ends and one receiver -- and five defensive players -- three D-linemen, and two secondary players. It's importance to strike a balance when drafting players so that one side of the ball doesn't become overly emphasized, and the Bengals did a good job of doing just that this year.

3. Tee Higgins, Trey Hendrickson still on the roster

One major question facing the Bengals heading into the draft was if they would trade Tee Higgins or Trey Hendrickson following trade requests from both players. Now we know the answer to that question: No. Both players remain on the roster after the '24 Draft, as the Bengals didn't execute any trades at all during the draft. The Bengals have been publicly adamant that they don't plan to trade either player, and a trade involving either player seems much less likely now with the draft in the rearview.