3 keys to victory for the Bengals in the AFC Championship Game

Kansas City Chiefs v Cincinnati Bengals
Kansas City Chiefs v Cincinnati Bengals / Dylan Buell/GettyImages
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1. Long possessions while playing in front of sticks

As mentioned, time of possession will be one of the biggest keys to winning this game. If the Bengals' offense is on the field more than the Chiefs and can keep Mahomes on the sideline then it will set Cincinnati up in a very good spot on the road in a hostile environment that they are used to winning in.

 The other key will be having positive gains on the first and second down. The Bengals were trenemdous at this during the game against Buffalo. Picking up first downs on second down or having 3rd and short yardage to go at a consistent rate is a recipe for success.

If the Bengals give the Chiefs defense help by taking sacks, having careless penalties, or negative losses it will make it a whole lot easier for the Kansas City defense to get off the field and ultimately help them in the time of possession aspect.

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Nontheless, we should be in store for yet another all-time classic between two of the best young quarterbacks in the AFC and the NFL.