3 offseason moves from AFC North rivals that should terrify Bengals fans

Seattle Seahawks v Tennessee Titans
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Steelers shake up QB position by bringing in Russell Wilson, Justin Fields

This is technically two moves, but together they address one of the biggest questions surrounding the Steelers. By acquiring both Russell Wilson and Justin Fields, Pittsburgh potentially got both their quarterback of the present and their quarterback of the future.

Talent-wise, Wilson is the best -- and most experienced -- quarterback that the Steelers have had since Ben Roethlisberger retired in 2021, and his addition could quickly catapult Pittsburgh back to true contender status.

Since Roethlisberger retired, the Steelers have suffered from inconsistent and often underwhelming quarterback play. Despite this, they have remained right in the thick of the playoff picture in the AFC, even qualifying for postseason play last season before ultimately being bested by the Buffalo Bills in the Wild Card Round.

Wilson, 35, doesn't need to be unbelievable in Pittsburgh. He just needs to be solid and consistent. Having a competent quarterback to complement what projects to be a dominant defense could make the Steelers extremely tough to topple.

As for Fields, well, he certainly struggled during his three seasons in Chicago, but he also flashed some legitimate potential at times. His could be the type of situation where a fresh start outside of the expectations of the team and city that drafted him highly could help him take his game to the next level.

Plus, Wilson is expected to start next season. So, there's no immediate pressure on Fields. Playing behind Wilson for a season and learning from him while simultaneously learning Pittsburgh's playbook could really help him moving forward in his career.