3 players Bengals fans don't want to join AFC North rival ahead of trade deadline

  • Brian Burns and Danielle Hunter could get after Joe Burrow
  • Browns and Ravens already have a good rushing attack, they don't need another weapon
Minnesota Vikings v Carolina Panthers
Minnesota Vikings v Carolina Panthers / Grant Halverson/GettyImages
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The Cincinnati Bengals are sitting at 3-3 at their Week 7 bye, good enough for last place in the highly-competitive AFC North. The other three teams each have only two losses through Week 7. This means that every team in the division could be acquiring assets before the trade deadline.

The Bengals aren't a team known for making trades but the other three teams don't have that same label slapped on them. If they were to add some help ahead of the trade deadline, here's to hoping it's not these three players.

Brian Burns

Cody Benjamin of CBS Sports put the trade proposal of Brian Burns heading to Baltimore into the universe and Bengals fans are hoping that it does not happen. The Ravens already have a scary defense and adding Burns, who has four sacks on the year through six games, would make them even scarier.

Burns is an important piece for the Panthers so there's no guarantee that they'll trade him. Until they extend him, however, he's going to be linked to teams on the trade market and any of the three AFC North teams getting him would be scary but the Ravens would be the likeliest out of the bunch and no one wants to see that.