4 players Bengals were right to move on from in 2023

Baltimore Ravens v Cincinnati Bengals
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2. Brandon Allen

The Bengals had rolled with Allen as their backup during Joe Burrow's entire tenure with the team. The organization clearly liked and respected Allen but clearly, they saw how important it was to have a more reliable backup quarterback this offseason.

It felt obvious that the Bengals weren't interested in bringing Allen back after they brought Trevor Siemian in for a visit last month. Still, Siemian went weeks without a deal and Allen was still out there waiting for a team to sign with.

Shortly after Allen inked a deal with the 49ers, Siemian joined the Bengals as Burrow's new backup.

It was smart for Cincinnati move on from Allen and replace him with Siemian because Siemian has stepped in as a starter and played well. Allen did not look like he would be able to fill in for more than a game at most during his lone start in 2021. He struggled in that performance.

Siemian has been one of the more respected backups over the past few years for a reason. He's capable of stepping in and helping this team compete. While Bengals fans appreciate Brandon Allen and what he's done for the team, it felt like it was time for the team to find a better option behind Burrow.