3 players who could be entering their final season with Bengals

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports
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Roster turnover is just part of life in the NFL. Every year, some new players join a roster while others exit. Some departures come as a shock, while in other situations the writing is on the wall well before a split actually happens.

The Cincinnati Bengals have several players on the roster who could potentially be entering their final season with the team -- whether they know it or not. Here's a look at three such players.

Tee Higgins, Wide receiver

This one should come as no surprise. Tee Higgins signed his franchise tender for the 2024 season, but there's a real chance that it will be his final season as a member of the Bengals. Higgins is seeking a long-term extension with Cincinnati, but the Bengals have been hesitant to give it to him, in part because they'll also have to give fellow receiver Ja'marr Chase a massive extension in the near future.

If Higgins and the Bengals don't agree on an extension in the next couple of weeks (there's a July 15 deadline for such an agreement to be reached), the star receiver will hit free agency next year, and there will likely be suitors out there willing to pay more for his services than the Bengals are.

Given the fact that he'll likely be playing for a contract in 2024, Higgins has ample reason to ball out, and Bengals fans should enjoy rooting for him while they still can.