3 positions Bengals could take in first round of 2024 NFL Draft (and 2 to avoid)

  • Focus on: OT, WR, DL
  • Avoid: IOL, RB
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Avoid: Offensive Guard

While, yes, the interior O-Line has been far more disappointing this year than the Tackles have, The Bengals are better off approaching this position through free agency rather than the draft. Simply because there really isn't one that stands out to draft, at least not in the first round.

With the Tackles in this class, you have three highly-touted prospects (Alt, Fashanu, Latham) and four or five more that are projected to go in the first. The same cannot be said for the Guards in this class.

Referring back to those CBS mock drafts linked above, there was only one Interior Offensive Lineman in two of them (and none in the third) who ended up being projected to go in the first, that being Troy Fautanu out of the University of Washington. And even then, he's been playing mostly Left Tackle through his collegiate career and is only listed as IOL due to some projections that whoever may draft him might try to put him in that role.

Also, it is important to note that there is no one departing this off-season at the Guard positions like there is at the Tackles with Williams. Cappa was just signed to a four-year deal in 2022 and Volson is still on his rookie deal and has shown flashes through some rough outings. This is not a draft where you want to take a Guard in the first round, and they certainly do not need to replace a guard in the first round.