3 positions where Bengals could double dip in 2024 NFL Draft

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Wide receiver

Wide receiver might not seem like a priority for Cincinnati since they have Ja'Marr Chase and Tee Higgins, but their depth at the position is kind of shaky behind those two. Tyler Boyd is a free agent, and guys like Trenton Irwin, Charlie Jones and Andrei Iosivas are largely unproven.

Even Higgins' future is far from certain following his trade request last month. Even if Higgins is on the Bengals in 2024, he could be gone next offseason, and the team would be wise to prepare for that possibility. The Bengals could potentially take a receiver in the first couple of rounds, and if they did, perhaps they'd decide to really solidify the position by adding another later on.

Defensive tackle

Just as they need to sure up the offensive line, the Bengals could also use some added depth on the defensive line, especially since they weren't great against the run last season. They allowed 126.2 rushing yards per game and 2,145 total rushing yards, which were both seventh-worst league-wide.

Losing D.J. Reader to the Detroit Lions in free agency certainly won't help either. The addition of Sheldon Rankins was a decent band-aid at least, but at 30 years old he's not a long-term solution.

Given the current construction of the roster, defensive tackle is probably more of an immediate need than defensive end. But both spots could really benefit from some added depth, and Cincinnati has plenty of picks, so it wouldn't be shocking to see them double dip on the defensive line.