3 potential Bengals draft choices for max impact in the first round

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Bijan Robinson, RB (Texas)

Running back is a position that has been devalued in the league. Isaiah Pacheco of the Chiefs proved that teams can take a late-round flier and find talent.

Most championship teams have low-cost RB options to lean on. So why would the Bengals spend a first-round pick on a running back? Normally most would agree with you, however, Bijan Robinson is different.

The Bengals are a passing team. When they try to run, they are generally trying to keep the defenses honest by getting them out of running a lightbox. It is equivalent to a boxer with a jab -- Just trying to keep them from loading up against our strength.

This has a tendency to make the Bengals a little predictable against the run. They alleviated this somewhat by trying to run out of shotguns to disguise themselves better.

Bijan Robinson will make them different. He has the excellent pass-blocking and pass-catching skills of a third-down back. In addition, he has elusiveness, speed, and a great talent for breaking tackles. Add that alone in the Bengals pass game and the small check downs are now opportunities for home runs. Staying back in 2 deep will not be a fun task against that kind of weapon.

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Now, add in the ability to be an elite running back that has power, the speed and agility to make people miss and the ability to run people over when they don't. Suddenly that running game is not about keeping them off their passing game. It is a strength in itself making the offense that much more difficult to stop.

It's almost enough to make us feel sorry for the opposing coordinators that have to figure out how to stop it. Bijan Robinson is another max impact choice at 28.