3 potential fits the Bengals will regret not signing in free agency

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A.J. Dillon, Running back

The Bengals signed Zack Moss to replace Joe Mixon once it became clear that the team was going to move on from the latter, but a case could be made that they should have tried to sign A.J. Dillon instead.

Dillon and Moss were both drafted in 2020, so they both have the same number of years of professional experience, and in those years, Dillon has been better.

Moss had a solid season in Indianapolois last year, but it was his first season with over 500 yards and 150 attempts. Meanwhile, Dillon has eclipsed those numbers in each of the past three seasons, and he accumulated more total touchdowns over his first four seasons.

Dillon has also been more productive as a pass-catcher. He's compiled three straight seasons with over 200 receiving yards, while Moss has never had over 200 receiving yards in a season. Some of the statistical disparity could be the result of opportunity as Dillon has had a more consistent role over the course of his career.

Also, the Packers paid less to bring back Dillon than the Bengals did to add Moss. Hopefully Moss performs well with the Bengals, but missing on Dillon could be a move the team comes to regret.