3 potential Tee Higgins landing spots that are officially off the table after free agency

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Tee Higgins wants a fresh start outside of Cincinnati. Will he get his wish? We'll have to wait and see, but the uncertainty won't stop the consistent speculation.

Higgins has established himself as one of the more productive young receivers in the league, and there should be plenty of teams interested in his services as a result. However, his market will depend largely on how things shake out in free agency. Some could-be suitors have already looked elsewhere for help at the receiver spot.

After one week of free agency, here's a look at three teams who have likely removed themselves from consideration when it comes to a potential trade for Higgins.

Chicago Bears

The Bears were frequently mentioned as a potential landing spot for Higgins heading into free agency. We don't necessarily know who will be playing quarterback for the Bears next season, but we do know that they're going to want to surround whoever it is with ample weapons, so the chatter made sense.

But, the Bears already bolstered their receiving corps in a major way by trading with the Los Angeles Chargers to acquire Keenan Allen in exchange for a fourth round pick. Allen is coming off of a 1,200-yard campaign, and he projects to form a dynamic duo with D.J. Moore on the outsides for Chicago.

After trading for Allen, it seems very unlikely that the Bears will also still be interested in trading for Higgins. So, it seems like Chicago can be crossed off of the list of potential landing spots.