3 Reasons Why Bengals Would Be Smart To Use Franchise Tag on Tee Higgins

The move makes a ton of sense.
Minnesota Vikings v Cincinnati Bengals
Minnesota Vikings v Cincinnati Bengals / Jeff Dean/GettyImages
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One of the Bengals' biggest offseason storylines is starting to take shape.

On Tuesday, The Athletic put together a piece that outlines how, and why, the Bengals will more than likely place the Franchise Tag on wide receiver Tee Higgins. In the piece, The Athletic reports that "the writing is on the wall and all expectations are the Bengals will use a franchise tag on Higgins." It's an interesting – if not unsurprising – move, and one that will shape how the team approaches filling out the rest of their roster before the 2024 season kicks off next September. Here's why, given their situation, it's a smart idea for the Bengals to put the Franchise Tag on Tee Higgins.