3 stats from the Bengals Week 3 win that were reprehensible

  • Higgins' drops
  • QB rating
  • Passing vs. rushing
Los Angeles Rams v Cincinnati Bengals
Los Angeles Rams v Cincinnati Bengals / Dylan Buell/GettyImages
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2) 25.2 and 59.8

The Bengals got away with a win due to, and at the same time, in spite of Joe Burrow's performance. His passer rating at the end of the game was 59.8. His QBR, according to ESPN, was 25.2. Those numbers were lower than last week’s, which were 85.6 and 61.5, respectively. His 59.8 passer rating was the fourth-worst of the NFL weekend. 

Burrow was still discernibly limited due to his calf injury, not moving around as we are used to seeing him do, remaining primarily stagnant in the pocket. Despite this, he still managed to throw for 259 yards.

Cincinnati's offensive line held up pretty well versus the Rams. The line did give up two sacks and six hits, which is an improvement over the first two games. However, with Burrow’s mobility limited, he was forced to stay in the pocket, perhaps more than he should have.

One question to ask is if 75% of Burrow is better than 100% of Jake Browning in this Bengals offense. If the coaches and staff must limit Burrow’s out-of-pocket presence and limit the offensive playbook, is that a sustainable formula that will lead the team back to the playoffs? The answer must be yes for the coaches, at least for now. 

Another concern is that Burrow’s immobility within a pocket also limits his capabilities for protecting himself. It also limits the receivers' impact on the game.

We do not know if 75% of Burrow is better than 100% of Jake Browning. However, a 58.3 passer rating and a 25.2 QBR from your starting quarterback in the NFL is not likely to win the club too many games.

After three games, Burrow has the second-worst passer rating in the NFL, 33rd of 34 quarterbacks at 66.2. His QBR of 38.1 ranks 28th in the league.

If the Bengals are going to make a run to and through the playoffs, Burrow must have a drastic turnaround in health so that he can resemble what he was the past two seasons.

Cincinnati will face several tremendous defenses on their schedule, and the slating will be more daunting than Monday night. We can only hope Burrow’s calf improves quickly enough to be ready for when the adversaries are significantly more difficult. In doing so, his QBR and passer rating should also improve.