3 teams the Bengals have the best record against in NFL history

Which teams have the Bengals historically had their number?
Atlanta Falcons v Cincinnati Bengals
Atlanta Falcons v Cincinnati Bengals / Justin Casterline/GettyImages

The Cincinnati Bengals own winning records against nine NFL teams. While the franchise has had its fair share of ups and downs during its storied history, it's been dominant against three teams in particular.

Here are three teams that the Bengals have downright owned during their time in the league.

All records courtesy of The Football Database

3 teams that the Bengals have the best record against:

3. Atlanta Falcons: 10-5 (.667)

The Bengals are on a three-game win streak against the Falcons with the latest win coming in the 2022 season. Cincinnati won that game in blowout fashion, with the final score sitting at 35-17 (it looks a lot closer than it ever really felt).

With these teams typically only playing each other every four years, it'll take quite a bit of time for Atlanta to turn the tides here.

2. Philadelphia Eagles: 9-3-2 (.714)

Two ties have helped Philadelphia here but the Bengals still historically own the Eagles. The latest game resulted in a 23-23 tie back in the 2020 season and that wasn't even the only time these two teams couldn't decide a winner. In 2008, the Bengals and Eagles tied 13-13 and Donovan McNabb infamously said afterward that he didn't know games could end in a tie.

To find the last time the Eagles outright beat the Bengals, you'd have to go all the way back to the year 2000 (cue Conan O'Brien bit) when the birds won 16-7 over a bad Bengals team. Otherwise, the history between these two squads highly favorites the Stripes.


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1. Detroit Lions: 10-3 (.769)

The team that the Cincinnati Bengals have been the most successful against during their time in the league is the Lions, who they boast a .769 winning percentage against with only three losses.

Detroit has not beaten the Bengals since 1992 when they won 19-13 over Cincinnati. Since then, it's been all Bengals and the last time they played, the contest was not close. The Bengals won that game 34-11 in 2021.

Keep in mind that these two teams typically will only play every four years unless they get matched up for the 17th game in between. It's going to take Detroit a long time to turn things around in this matchup.