3 things the Bengals need to do to get back to the postseason in 2024

Buffalo Bills v Cincinnati Bengals
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The Bengals must improve vs. division opponents 

The Bengals' rollercoaster season in 2023 was caused by many things. But one of the main reasons for their struggles was their poor performance against AFC North opponents, as they ended up with a 1-5 record in divisional matchups. Losing crucial games to the Steelers and Ravens late in the season, didn't help their cause either. Despite having five losses against teams in the North, the Bengals still came close to making the playoffs and finished above .500.

In the two years prior, the Bengals had emerged as back-to-back AFC North champions, but now they will be looking to bounce back in 2024 and pick up some wins against the Steelers, Ravens, and Browns. Since the division's formation in 2002 with these current four teams, the Bengals have won it six times, the Ravens have also won it six times, while the Steelers have won it nine times, and the Browns have never won it. The AFC North is known for being one of the most competitive, intense, and physical divisions in all of football, with every team finishing above .500 in 2023.

For the Bengals to have any chance of making it to the postseason, they will need to find a way to be more effective in those matchups. They are key. tiebreakers often fall down to divisional record as well as conference record and going 1-5 in division in like digging your own grave. Expect the Bengals to be as hungry as ever in 2024. With a vision to play in Super Bowl 59 in New Orleans, where Joe Burrow and Ja'Marr Chase won the National Championship at LSU.

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