3 ways Bengals have helped Joe Burrow in 2023 offseason

AFC Divisional Playoffs - Cincinnati Bengals v Buffalo Bills
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1. Signing Orlando Brown Jr. to start at left tackle

The move that helped Burrow the most was signing Orlando Brown Jr. to take over at left tackle. This was a surprising move for Cincinnati because there hadn't been anything linking the two together and let's be honest -- The Bengals don't usually make these kind of moves.

With that said, Brown was the best offensive tackle available in free agency and you have to applaud the Bengals for being aggressive and adding him to their offensive line. Now I'll say this -- The Bengals' o-line was actually playing pretty well down the stretch in the regular season and the injuries are what led to the poor performance in the AFC title game.

Even with that being the case, the Bengals clearly didn't see Jonah Williams -- who gave up 12 sacks in 2022 -- as their long-term solution at left tackle. Brown allowed four sacks last year and while he did surrender 47 pressures, the argument of him fitting into the Bengals' offense better than he did in Kansas City's is a good one because they're not as pass-dependent.

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Protecting Burrow has to be the priority for the rest of his career and the Bengals have made strides to do this over the past two offseasons. Bringing Brown in had to make Burrow happy because he knows he'll have better protection in 2023.