4 Bengals legends we wish we could bring back in their prime in 2023

Fountain of Youth anyone?

Anthony Munoz #1 Bengals Legend
Anthony Munoz #1 Bengals Legend / Focus On Sport/GettyImages
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Have you ever wondered what some of your all-time Cincinnati Bengals favorites would do on a Super Bowl contender in the modern era?

If given four doses of youth serum and a guarantee that the legend would play for the Orange and Black, who would you give them to?

Picking four is not easy as there have been many worthy Bengals over the years and not all would fit this team. For instance, you can't pick a quarterback over Joe Burrow. Despite that, I gave it my best shot.

Here is a list of the four players that would be on my short list.

Anthony Muñoz

This is the ultimate no-brainer.

The all-time greatest Bengal, best offensive tackle in history, and one of the most wonderful humans to wear a Bengals uniform, Anthony Muñoz is the easiest choice on this list. Slide him into the left tackle slot on this team and Joe Burrow could just lay back and launch an aerial assault on the rest of the NFL free from any pass rushers from the blind side.

"“He wouldn’t just block people. He would totally embarrass them,” said offensive linemate and close friend Dave Lapham. “Finishing wasn’t the word. It was destroying them, and I don’t know how you do it because it’s so contrary, but you destroy them with respect. He would respectfully de-cleat people, then help them up. Pat them on the butt.”"

From Paul Dehner Jr.'s article

You can find a link to the original article from The Athletic here.

Anthony Muñoz would simply take the Bengals to another level. From a tactical perspective, he would erase the best opposing pass rusher leaving the ability to double-team on the right side if necessary. His ability to neutralize the greats from his era would surely translate.

One can dream of a Joe Burrow offense that would be given four seconds plus of time to scan the field and create while allowing the uber-talented trio of Bengals receivers to torture their respective defensive backs.