4 Bengals legends we wish we could bring back in their prime in 2023

Fountain of Youth anyone?
Anthony Munoz #1 Bengals Legend
Anthony Munoz #1 Bengals Legend / Focus On Sport/GettyImages
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Cory Dillon

Pure unadulterated aggression. That is how I describe Corey Dillon in his prime.

Schematically he would not be the kind of runner that would best suit Joe Burrow. James Brooks would be much more suited to the Bengals' offense. I would just like to see, however, what Corey Dillon could have done with the light boxes that the Bengals faced due to the threat of Joe Burrow. It almost wouldn't be fair. As Eddie George once said in a Geoff Hobson article on Bengals.com:

As a running back, I was pissed off. I'd like to have a game like that. We couldn't stop him. He was a hot knife through butter, George says. What's not to remember about Corey Dillon? He was a beast. Our defense feared him more than most because not only would he hit the home run, he would look to inflict pain on you.

It was his combination of size and speed and his heart. He ran with reckless abandon and he ran with bad intentions. He was a wrecking ball as a running back."

Geoff Hobson

You can find the original article from Bengals.com here.

Despite horrible quarterback play and an anemic passing office during his tenure, Dillon remained a weapon when everyone in the building knew the Bengals were going to run the ball.

What a weapon! One can only imagine what he could do to defenses on a modern offense with arguably the best quarterback the Bengals have ever had. If only that fountain of youth were real!