4 Bengals players who could lose their jobs to rookies

AFC Divisional Playoffs - Cincinnati Bengals v Buffalo Bills
AFC Divisional Playoffs - Cincinnati Bengals v Buffalo Bills / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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An NFL roster built on meritocracy can lead to rookies snatching coveted roster spots from seasoned veterans. Sometimes it is expected. Other times, a rookie will wrest away a roster spot from a veteran like Thanos did the Mind Stone from Vision’s head. 

No matter how it happens, expected or not, it will happen. It is no different for the Cincinnati Bengals. We all fall in love with the rookie underdogs and long-shot stories. On the other end is veterans looking to hold on to their spot on the team.

Here are four veterans who could lose their roster battles to rookies. 

4. Drue Chrisman

The Bengals drafted punter Brad Robbins in the sixth round of this year’s draft. Despite what Zac Taylor and Darrin Simmons might claim, it is his job to lose. Teams do not draft kickers and punters for depth. The expectation is they will contribute immediately. 

Drue Chrisman, with his powerful leg, supplanted Kevin Huber last season. But now, Robbins and his impressive hang time have been brought in to replace Chrisman. 

It has been theorized that Chrisman’s punt in the AFC Championship game led to a critical return from Kansas City’s Skyy Moore and played a part in the seemingly newfound interest in hang time over the length of punts. 

Regardless of the reason why, the Bengals maneuvered around the draft to add a pick to select a punter later in the draft. All indications are that Coach Simmons got his guy.

A veteran punter losing his job to a drafted rookie punter should not be a surprise. The real shock would be if Chrisman managed to hold onto his roster spot after the punting “competition.”