4 Bengals players who could lose their jobs to rookies

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1. Joe Mixon

The Cincinnati Bengals are incredibly loyal to players and contracts. Others can see that as the team being stubborn. However, their willingness to see contracts through to their conclusion is a selling point when pursuing free agents.

The Bengals offer less in guaranteed dollars, but players are more likely to see the entirety of the contract fulfilled rather than becoming another “cap casualty” that we see happen across the league. That is part of why Joe Mixon remains on the roster, despite his salary. 

However, a scenario that could potentially see Mixon no longer donning orange and black stripes in 2023 is the emergence of Chase Brown. 

It is a long shot, indeed. However, if Brown can show in training camp and the preseason what made him college football’s fourth-most prolific rusher last season, surpassing even first-rounder Bijan Robinson, then that could convince the team to move on from Mixon either via trade or releasing him on cutdown day. 

Such a move would save $10,041,176 in cap space, leaving only $2.75M in dead money, according to Over the Cap, which could be spread out over two years. That cap space savings could help with extensions the team wants to get done or with acquiring a surprise player that gets released on cutdown day. 

Mixon is still an excellent running back. The Bengals are more likely to honor his contract this year than not. If Brown demonstrates to the coaching staff that he can run, pass catch and pass protect, that could reshape how the team views the running back room.  

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Making the transition from college to the pros isn’t easy. Coming in as a rookie with expectations is difficult. Taking the job of a veteran on a good team is monumental. Nevertheless, the Cincinnati Bengals have a few rookies who could do just that.