4 Bengals who could tumble down the depth chart after free agency

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As free agents are acquired after hitting the market, some players that are already on the team will naturally lose playing time and gradually slip down the depth chart. Whether it's due to them not playing up to the standard the season prior or the guy being signed simply being a better player, there are always a few guys that see their impact and game time slip following the free agency period.

With that being said, here are four Cincinnati Bengals that could tumble down the depth chart after free agency.

All stats courtesy of Pro Football Reference.

4. Chris Evans

After seeing a solid amount of playing time and having a relatively decent first year for a sixth-round rookie, Evans saw the field a lot less in his sophomore campaign. In fact, the only time most fans can probably recall seeing him on the field at all this season off the top of their heads was his game-winning score against the Chiefs in the regular season.

His time on the field grew even more scarce when practice squad veteran Trayveon Williams not only took his spot as kick returner but even leaped frog him on the depth chart to become RB3. None of the fans, including myself, seem to know why Evans saw the field so little this year after showing some promise in his rookie year, but the expectation is that this will continue into his third year.

Even if Joe Mixon is cut or dealt to another team, the front office will more likely than not sign someone to replace him rather than roll with Samaje Perine and (presumably) Williams as their RB1 and RB2. Not to mention, they could even take a young running back in the draft on Day 2 or 3 as well.

No matter what happens during this free agency, Evans, unfortunately, will go even further down the depth chart and perhaps be removed from the roster altogether.