4 former Bengals draft picks who might be done in the NFL

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3. Wyatt Hubert

With their seventh-round pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, the Bengals selected Wyatt Hubert out of Kansas State. Hubert had put together a solid campaign for the Wildcats and he seemed like he could be a sneaky-good addition to the defense.

Unfortunately, Hubert missed his entire rookie season with a torn pec and that's detrimental for anyone, but especially for a seventh-rounder who already had an uphill battle to make the roster. A little over a year later, Hubert made the shocking decision to retire from football.

Hubert didn't stay retired for long, however. He announced earlier this year that he was interested in returning to football and ended up participating in rookie minicamp with the Kansas City Chiefs. Even with Hubert partaking in Chiefs rookie camp, it doesn't mean he's going to make their roster.

Don't be surprised if Hubert remains out of the NFL even after deciding he wants to play again.