4 free agents that the Bengals were wise to pass on in 2022 offseason

Baltimore Ravens v Cincinnati Bengals
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Ryan Jensen

This one isn't necessarily fair, as Ryan Jensen has proven to be a solid center in recent years but he makes the list because he didn't even make it to Week 1. The Buccaneers center was injured during the preseason and hasn't been able to return for a desperate Tampa Bay squad to this point.

Bengals fans might have had Jensen as their number one free agent target because of the huge need at the center position. When Tom Brady initially retired, it felt like the stars could be aligning for Jensen and the Bengals to link up but as soon as Brady said he was coming back, Jensen went back to his ex, signing a three-year deal worth $39 million.

We don't know how different things would have been had Jensen signed with Cincinnati. There's a chance he doesn't get hurt but then there's also a chance that he stays healthy and isn't as productive. Ted Karras has been a decent option at center, though, so the Bengals made the right call here... even if it likely isn't a decision they played a major role in.

Chandler Jones

Early in the season, this looked like a disaster signing for the Raiders, as Chandler Jones didn't notch his first sack until Week 7 and even then, it was credited as half a sack. He racked up three sacks in Week 13 against the Chargers and had that huge play against the Patriots in Week 15 but otherwise, it's been a mostly underwhelming season for Jones.

This is a big deal too, as the Raiders paid him $51 million on a three-year deal to come to Las Vegas and be a pass-rushing beast. Four and a half sacks isn't exactly screaming pass-rushing beast now, is it?

Bengals fans didn't think there was a realistic shot at the team getting Jones but again, that doesn't mean they didn't want to see it happen. Jones joining the reigning AFC champions would have had fans dancing for joy but if they had gotten this version of him on that kind of contract, it'd have been looked at as a massive failure.