4 massive unknowns for the Bengals in the 2023 offseason

2021 NFL Draft
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What happens in the draft?

I touched on this more in my article about difficult decisions being made this offseason, but I'll go over it a little bit here. If you've been on Bengals' Twitter or Facebook recently, you've seen countless mock drafts, each one different from the last. Some say go OL, some say go TE, and some even say pick another DB/CB.

The fanbase is more divided than they were during the Sewell-Chase debates of 2021 on who they should get in the first round and how they should approach this draft in general. It's truly a tossup, I'd go as far as to say there are more positions we don't know they'll attack than there are we know they won't attack -- Quarterback, maybe wide receiver, kicker. That's pretty much it. I wouldn't even put it past them to draft a punter on Day 3.

There are just too many options to choose from. The Bengals have hit a point where it's not even about team needs, most people are more concerned with depth and some have even said if they fulfill what they need to in free agency they should just draft BPA (best player available), which I agree with, although I will say that is a very big if.

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The draft is usually not too hard to predict for Cincy, even last year there were two defenitive choices people were arguing over. But this year, almost every position is represented by a small chunk of fans, and they're all warring with one another, invalidating one mock draft and praising the next.

Whatever the Bengals get with their 28th pick, reactions from the fans are going to be interesting.